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Winter safety covers, as the name suggests, are by far the best assurance that your loved ones, pets & even debris stay out of the pool during the winter months. They are also very aesthetically pleasing leaving your backyard looking great all year round.



Utilizing the latest high-strength materials manufactured to ensure long-term reliability, our covers are designed to beautifully protect for years to come.

Water (rain or melting snow) passes right through the winter cover allowing your swimming pool to gradually fill up throughout the winter months – saving on the cost of water refill in the spring. This also makes the initial spring start-up much easier allowing a much faster turn-around time to begin your swimming season.



ABC Swimming Pools is an expert in Safety Covers. We offer a variety of colors and the Yard Guard Deck-Lock System – the latest in pool cover technology.


Why Yard Guard?

*White thread (triple stitching) cross tack & box tack at all perimeter stress points.
*Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength.
*Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping.
*Porous, tight mesh, giving the maximum of strength.
*Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.
*All covers are manufactured by the most modern of equipment including a computerized cutting and shaping system.
*All specials are drawn and verified by the most sophisticated of CAD(Computer Aided Design) systems.
*All Covers throughout every stage of production are quality checked and signed for before final packaging.


Features & Benefits

We proudly offer The Yard Guard Deck-Lock System – the latest in pool cover technology. The Deck-Lock cover comes in either high quality mesh or reinforced vinyl and reinforced webbing both top and bottom on every seam protected by rub strips. If you want the best for your pool, Deck-Lock is it. Contact us today to discuss how you can have a safer, more beautiful pool with a Yard Guard Safety Cover.


Why do you need a Safety Cover?

ABC Swimming Pool President, Richard Brown, talks about the importance and benefits of winter safety covers.

See for yourself that you can even “walk on water!”

ABC Swimming Pools gets the job done well. We always get what’s promised and delivered on time.  …And that’s important when every day of pool season counts.

MARIA & ASH SILVA , North York, Ontario

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Brian & Pat P., Peterborough

I was introduced to Rick and his team in 2008 after a nightmare experience with another company. Rick and his team installed our pool and had it up and running within a month. From that point on Rick and his team has opened and closed our pool along with taking care of any issues that came about. I remember needing a new part to be installed while they were in Windsor. Rick stopped in on his way back to do the job at 2 am. The next day our pool was as clear as crystal! I don’t know of any other company to care that much about their customers. With Rick you receive the best workmanship, unbelievable knowledge and a life long person you can trust. I certainly can’t do without them!

Mari Gilmour, Ajax, Ontario

Our family has used ABC Swimming Pools for years and we love the service. We particularly appreciate how knowledgeable they are. Thanks in advance to ABC Swimming Pools because we are going to keep using them indefinitely.

David Buchan, Ajax, Ontario

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Dave Hulme, Pickering Ontario

ABC Swimming Pools has been our pool company of choice for many years. They installed the pool originally and they have always taken excellent care of our pool ever since. It has been wonderful!

Kathleen McCann, Blackstock, Ontario

Friendly service is our hallmark. Honesty and integrity is our policy. All work is guaranteed.

There are many great reasons to work with ABC Swimming Pools. Our company is the first choice whenever you need the most efficient money saving solutions, the highest quality supplies, and the best rate of customer support. We are ready to serve you with the greatest expertise and valuable experience around.